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Hold the light for me, when I cannot feel His love. 

Hold the light for me, until the dawn arrives.

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Somehow, in the little spaces between multiple jobs and life with three littles, my husband Keith and I are moving forward into a healing space of creating music, one brave step at a time. From releasing our Hold the Light for Me | EP last fall, to submitting a video to Chip Gaines’s, #Chipstarter competition… then to attending Sara Groves’s first songwriter’s retreat and workshop at Art House North and to launching a Kickstarter for our first studio album… God keeps moving us forward, trusting and excited. And now, we’re joining with YOU to create music that holds a light in the dark. Because of the the community that helped fund our first full-length album through Kickstarter, we just released our first full-length album, Brave is One More Step in the Dark. We cannot express our gratitude enough and are SO EXCITED to see what God wants to do with this music and to keep moving forward. There is a love that comes to find us in the valley, a light in the darkness of postpartum depression and anxiety. And we pray that our songs and stories hold that light for you. Love, Jen